Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

Category: Exhibition

  • Karl Fritsch Cowboy Rings in Kiwiland

    Karl Fritsch or the animated rings in a fantasy game — Karl Fritsch in gallery deux poissons, Tokyo Japan 25. Jun. 2010 – 11.Jul. 2010 — In a decade of computer games Karl Fritsch shows what hands can make and what hands can wear as jewellery. Fritsch gives an update to ancient techniques and uses […]

  • Gijs Bakker Real?

    An original piece of jewellery as a copy or a copy as an original. Is it Real? — Gijs Bakker Real? Galerie ra Amsterdam NL — It was in 2006 that Galerie Ra Gallery showed the Real Collection of Gijs Bakker on the Art Amsterdam Fair. I like jewellery pieces that doesn’t want to tell […]

  • Birgit Laken The Heartwork Project

    How the sand sculptures of Birgit Laken become jewellery — Birgit Laken, brooches Herinzel silver — Birgit Laken shows her Heartwork project for the first time during a solo exhibition in Gallery Hnoss in Göteborg (SE).

  • Terhi Tolvanen & Evert Nijland Naturae

    A fascinating interaction between nature and culture — Terhi Tolvanen, necklace Neige, 2009 wood, polyester, paint, silver — Terhi Tolvanen & Evert Nijland: Naturae Management: Christian Balmer and Ilona Schwippel Place: viceversa bijoux contemporains (Lausanne, Switzerland) 13-Mar-2010 – 17-Mar-2010 Terhi Tolvanen and Evert Nijland Evert Nijland, Noordzee, necklace glass, linnen, silver, antique iron beads Terhi […]

  • Ruudt Peters-Vera Siemund-Tore Svensson

    Anima collection 2010 — Ruudt Peters Marzee Gallery (NL) — While I have a look at the first pics of the new Anima collection of  Ruudt Peters I’m anxious to visit Marzee Gallery.

  • Lingam WCC-BF Mons Belgium

    Expo Lingam – Galerie du WCC-BF, Mons (Belgique) Lingam WCC Mons Marcel Wanders Ruudt Peters Ivar Borkman (photo Gie Luyten) — 8 mai – 22 aout 2010 Lingam 121 symboles de fertilité contemporains — L’exposition LINGAM avec 121 interprétations d’un symbole ancestral de fertilité : le lingam. Représentation symbolique du phallus et du dieu Shiva, […]

  • Terhi Tolvanen

    How man and nature are interfering in man and nature ___ Terhi Tolvanen, brooch Rameu bleu, 2008 silver, silk, grape wood ___ I met Terhi Tolvanen for the first time in Ravenstein when we were eating together one night of the workshop Ruudt Peters. She’s one of most diverse art jewellery artists I know and […]

  • Lingam Catharijneconvent Utrecht (Nederlands/Dutch)

    ___   Lingam tentoonstelling Catharijneconvent Utrecht ___ Vruchtbaarheid NU      17.01 | 26.02 2010 Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht presenteert vanaf 16 januari 2010 de tentoonstelling Lingam. Vruchtbaarheid NU. Meer dan 120 hedendaagse interpretaties van een eeuwenoud, religieus oosters vruchtbaarheidssymbool: de Lingam. Kunstenaars, ontwerpers en sieradenmakers uit 24 landen. – waaronder Marcel Wanders, Ted Noten en Johanna Schweizer – […]

  • Lingam Utrecht Museum Catharijneconvent (English)

    Visit the Lingam exhibition in Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht — Museum Catharijneconvent Lingam Utrecht, Netherlands — After the Lingam exhibition in Stockholm, Konstfack 09 From 17 January 2010, Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht, Netherlands will present the exhibition Lingam: , with more than 120 contemporary interpretations of an age-old Eastern religious fertility symbol: the lingam. At the […]

  • Iris Eichenberg rooms in space

    Building new rooms in space or out of space Gallery Louise Smit Amsterdam ___ Iris Eichenberg, brooch New rooms, 2008 Wood, leather, enamel, copper ___ Although I admired the work of Iris Eichenberg for already a long period, it was her collection “New rooms” of 2008 that opened lots of unknown doors to the deepeness […]