Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

Ruudt Peters-Vera Siemund-Tore Svensson

Anima collection 2010

Ruudt Peters

Marzee Gallery (NL)

While I have a look at the first pics of the new Anima collection of  Ruudt Peters I’m anxious to visit Marzee Gallery.

At first sight I’m questioning myself with: what kind of material is it? How is it made? How does he become this kind of structure? Did he use cloth? Or is it wrapped in plastic jewellery? I’m sure there will be a philosophical contemplation behind this works, something you can only see with your mind.  I think I did the wright thing to note the following words in the jewellery designers ID of Ruudt Peters:

They contain a tool kit of philosophical contemplation, and they freely express a thorough craftsmanship as well as a permanently innovating intoxication drunkenness of the material.

Ruudt Peters, Anima, Collection 2010, exhibition Marzee