Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

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|Gie Luyten| I really don’t know how many books I wrote in my life, certainly more than fifty (some together with co-authors), about art, poetry, culture and literature.

As I started studying and making my first jewellery pieces I didn’t have time to write anymore. Making jewellery, art objects and sculptures, together with my wife Monique De Ceulaer, became a full time obsession. A few years later, working with Ruudt Peters in Ravenstein changed my mind. It was so fascinating that words came automatically and I wrote about Ruudt, about my experiences, my ideas, my feelings… Since then writing about contemporary jewellery as art objects became a second obsession. Gie Luyten

My first text about Ruudt Peters at Ravenstein.

Gie Luyten

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Gie Luyten  JewelleryNotes – about contemporary jewellery as art objects