Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

Iris Eichenberg rooms in space

Building new rooms in space or out of space

Gallery Louise Smit Amsterdam


Iris Eichenberg, brooch

New rooms, 2008

Wood, leather, enamel, copper


Although I admired the work of Iris Eichenberg for already a long period, it was her collection “New rooms” of 2008 that opened lots of unknown doors to the deepeness of her ideas and works.

I no longer thougt about the works in this collection as different pieces of jewellery, but as a total project. These “New rooms’’ were so delicate and subtile, as well as rough and complex. The natural materials such as leather, wood, copper, steel e. o. seemed to be constructed by Iris Eichenberg out of an architectural experience.

Eichenberg forced the spectator to explore new bounderies of forms and colours in contemporary jewellery.

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