Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

Galerie Louise Smit

A striking collection of international jewellery

Galerie Louise Smit

contemporary art jewellery

Amsterdam NL

After the opening of Galerie Louise Smit in 1986, in a few years time the gallery became one of the most famous in contemporary art jewellery. The most important topic of this gallery is the fact that from the beginning Louise Smit not only presented work of renowned jewellers, but always selected interesting work of new international talents. Since 1998 Galerie Louise Smit published several catalogues and publications about the showcases.

The gallery was named after its founder Louise Smit.

In the permanent collection you find work of Ralph Bakker, David Bielander, Bas Bouman, Iris Eichenberg, Andi Gut, Marc Monzo, Iris Nieuwenburg, Evert Nijland, Karen Pontoppidan, Peter Skubic, Terhi Tolvanen, Truike Verdegaal, Francis Willemstijn, Christoph Zellweger a.o.

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