Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

Evert Nijland

or the new ideas about ancient traditions that take my breath away

Evert Nijland, necklace
Venezia, 2005

silver, glass,

Jewellery designer ID


2004 Galerie Louise Smit KunstRAI ‘Guirlandes’ , Amsterdam, NL
2004 Cranach-Haus ‘Ode an Cranach’, Wittenberg, D
2006 Galerie Louise Smit ‘Venezia’, Amsterdam, NL
2007 Charon Kransen Arts The Chicago Art Fair Sofa ‘Studio 206’, Chicago, USA
2009 Bagagehal Loods 6, ‘Naturae’, Amsterdam, NL
2010 Galerie Vice Versa ‘Naturae,’, Lausanne, S
2010 Galerie Spektrum, ‘Naturae,’ Munchen


2001 Nomination Rotterdam Design Prize, NL
2004 Mondriaan Foundation, NL
2005 Winner of The Sotheby’s Award, London, UK
2006 Foundation Uudenmaan Taidetoimikunta, Helsinki, FI
2007 Winner of The Dutch Design Prizes, Category Fashion & Free Design, NL
2008 Nomination The German Design Award 2009, D

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