Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

Category: Jewellery designer ID

  • Katja Prins

    The DNA of contemporary jewellery ___ Katja Prins, object anatorium collection, 2003 glass, sealing wax ___ I don’t know why, but from the beginning the term DNA came into our vocabulary I’m always been interested in everything that surrounds DNA. I collect photographs, books, magazines, TV-programs, movies, documentaries because they inspire me to make contemporary […]

  • Jantje Fleischhut

    A golden view on a found object — Jantje Fleischhut, brooch pink moon above, gold 585, silver, citrine topaz, resin, lacquer, — Jewellery designer ID Education 2000-2002 postgraduation, Sandberg Instituut/vrije Vormgeving, diplom (MFA), Amsterdam, NL 1997- 2000 study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie jewellery dpt. , diplom, Amsterdam, NL 1995 -1997 working in the atelier […]

  • Evert Nijland

    or the new ideas about ancient traditions that take my breath away — Evert Nijland, necklace Venezia, 2005 silver, glass, — Jewellery designer ID SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2004 Galerie Louise Smit KunstRAI ‘Guirlandes’ , Amsterdam, NL 2004 Cranach-Haus ‘Ode an Cranach’, Wittenberg, D 2006 Galerie Louise Smit ‘Venezia’, Amsterdam, NL 2007 Charon Kransen Arts The Chicago […]

  • Sebastian Buescher

    Jewellery for a better understanding of the human being — Sebastian Buescher The forgotten land 2008 rubber, coral, seeds, sapphires, safety — Jewellery designer ID 1978, Cologne, Germany, lives and works in Amsterdam, NL Education 2006 MA Fine Art, University of Brighton, UK 2004 Ceramic workshop, London, UK | Glassblowing Introduction, London, UK 2000-2003 London […]

  • Birgit Laken

    From nature, sculptures, photographs to contemporary jewellery art — Birgit Laken, brooches Traces, after a period of time silver — You have to admire the jewellery art of Birgit Laken especially for her Heartwork project, because it’s an analysis of her complete art work. I wrote about it: these objects, mainly brooches, are like a […]

  • Ruudt Peters

    Ruudt Peters Peters is an artist who keeps realizing an ever expanding complex of themes with the same ferociousness, craftsmanship and passion. It is exceptional to see this passion surviving an entire career.

  • Terhi Tolvanen

    Or the battle between the artist and nature: and both they are changing — Terhi Tolvanen brooch, 2005 textile, wood, silver — Terhi Tovanen is connected with nature in a fascinating way and all her works seem natural too. Tolvanen is rebuilding nature on her own artistique way with new combinations of materials and forms. […]

  • Jorge Manilla Navarrete

    Jorge Manilla (Mexico/Belgium) I’m already following the jewellery work of Jorge Manilla from the time he was studying in Antwerp. His graduation show as a part of an exhibition in Sterckxhof Deurne (Belgium) was really fascinating.

  • Silke Fleischer

    or the question about everyday object and art — Silke Fleischer brooch, untitled, 2009 plastic, steel — Jewellery design ID 1975, Biberach, Germany, lives and works in Antwerp, BE Education 1999-2002 St. Lucas Antwerpen, KDG-hogeschool, Department Art Jewellery / Silversmithing (BE) Workshops / visiting lecturers Hilde De Decker (BE), Cristina Filipe (S), Koen Wygaerden (BE), […]

  • Christoph Zellweger

    Jewellery and sculpture that keep me wondering, talking, writing and living — Christoph Zellweger brooch, Body pieces — Jewellery designer ID born in Lübeck, lives and works in UK Education 1991 – 1993 Royal College of Art, London, England Master of Arts, Distinction 1987 – 1991 Kunstgewerbeschule, Zürich, Switzerland Attended Evening Courses in Sculpture 1980 […]