Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

Ruudt Peters

Ruudt Peters Azoth

Ruudt Peters

Peters is an artist who keeps realizing an ever expanding complex of themes with the same ferociousness, craftsmanship and passion. It is exceptional to see this passion surviving an entire career.

Peters’s knowledge of philosophy plays a part in that, as well as his expansive travelling. His collections clearly hold increasingly more cosmically charged views on life, they contain a tool kit of philosophical contemplation, and they freely express a thorough craftsmanship as well as a permanently innovating intoxication drunkenness of the material.

Ruudt Peters’s almost architecturally combined works are composed to aim for the highest possible: to fathom the deeper signification of things, to discover material’s unknown powers, to offer the spectator sublime food for the mind, and a fertile soil for thought. Without realizing it, the spectator passes through centuries-old as well as recent philosophical notions, to reach a philosophy of form.  (Gie Luyten)