Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

Birgit Laken The Heartwork Project

How the sand sculptures of Birgit Laken become jewellery

Birgit Laken, brooches

Birgit Laken shows her Heartwork project for the first time during a solo exhibition in Gallery Hnoss in Göteborg (SE).

The Heartwork project of Birgit Laken was an active working process with sand, water and the tide. She started this interesting work already some years ago. She photographed the upcoming water of the sea, changing the heart shapes she made in the sand. At the beach the water of the sea washed away the heart signs and the photographs of this process became the start of the Heartwork jewellery project. Sand sculptures became jewellery an I really like the idea.

It’s fascinating to do more with photographs than putting them in a map on the internet, collecting them in a book or hanging them on the wall. These jewellery pieces tell stories. They have a real history. And as an admirer I can imagine how it felt to make pictures of sculptures in the sand, watching them being covered by water or really destroyed by the sea. These objects, mainly brooches, are like a body trying to stay young, are like a tree fighting against the wind. Or is the Heartwork project of Birgit Laken a symbol for mankind, at the same time destroying the environment and trying to give nature a new future?



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