Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

Gijs Bakker Real?

An original piece of jewellery as a copy or a copy as an original. Is it Real?

Gijs Bakker


Galerie ra Amsterdam NL

It was in 2006 that Galerie Ra Gallery showed the Real Collection of Gijs Bakker on the Art Amsterdam Fair. I like jewellery pieces that doesn’t want to tell me something, but are so different, new, or let’s say contemporary, that they draw my attention and let me stop and come back to have another look. In a way that a piece astonishes or surprises me and I can make my opinion myself.

This kind of feeling I already had different times when I saw work of Gijs Bakker.

The exhibition Gijs Bakker Real? in Galerie Ra surprises me as the continuing story on the Real Collection, allthough at the same time it is quite different. Again I thought about the terms copy-paste when I saw the collection. But in the work of Gijs Bakker every pasted copy becomes an original and maby the original has always been the copy. Precious and founded stones, glass and plastic, small and large pieces, soft and hard materials, contrast or attraction, handcraft against or in combination with computer technology: they all fight against or attract each other and bring us to the title of the exhibition: what is Real? And is it Real?

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