Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

Terhi Tolvanen

How man and nature are interfering in man and nature


Terhi Tolvanen, brooch

Rameu bleu, 2008

silver, silk, grape wood


Terhi Tolvanen

I met Terhi Tolvanen for the first time in Ravenstein when we were eating together one night of the workshop Ruudt Peters. She’s one of most diverse art jewellery artists I know and she surely influenced lots of contemporary jewellery designers in one way or another.

Terhi Tovanen is connected with nature in a fascinating way and all her works seem natural too. Tolvanen is rebuilding nature on her own artistique way with new combinations of materials and forms.

In her work Terhi Tolvanen is structuring woord, silver, gold, precious stones, oysters, cotton, silk, ceramic, pocelain, polyester, as if she is always looking for the reason why man is interfering in nature and why nature is interfering in culture.

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