Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten


  • Gie Luyten & Monique De Ceulaer The guardian | Le gardien | De wachter

    Gie Luyten & Monique De Ceulaer and The guardian   — Gie Luyten & Monique De Ceulaer The guardian, Le gardien, De Wachter Sculpture and jewellery —     Gie Luyten & Monique De Ceulaer The guardian | Le gardien | De wachter | sieraden | beelden | | jewellery | sculpture | | bijoux…

  • Caroline Van Hoek Gallery Brussels

    Caroline Van Hoek: Art jewellery in a grocery store — Contemporary jewellery in the artistic heart of Brussels — A few steps from the famous Avenue Louise and hidden between many contemporary art galleries in Brussels, Caroline Van Hoek transformed a small grocery store to a great jewelry gallery. The traditional façade is original, but…

  • Karl Fritsch Cowboy Rings in Kiwiland

    Karl Fritsch or the animated rings in a fantasy game — Karl Fritsch in gallery deux poissons, Tokyo Japan 25. Jun. 2010 – 11.Jul. 2010 — In a decade of computer games Karl Fritsch shows what hands can make and what hands can wear as jewellery. Fritsch gives an update to ancient techniques and uses…

  • Gijs Bakker Real?

    An original piece of jewellery as a copy or a copy as an original. Is it Real? — Gijs Bakker Real? Galerie ra Amsterdam NL — It was in 2006 that Galerie Ra Gallery showed the Real Collection of Gijs Bakker on the Art Amsterdam Fair. I like jewellery pieces that doesn’t want to tell…

  • Birgit Laken The Heartwork Project

    How the sand sculptures of Birgit Laken become jewellery — Birgit Laken, brooches Herinzel silver — Birgit Laken shows her Heartwork project for the first time during a solo exhibition in Gallery Hnoss in Göteborg (SE).

  • Terhi Tolvanen & Evert Nijland Naturae

    A fascinating interaction between nature and culture — Terhi Tolvanen, necklace Neige, 2009 wood, polyester, paint, silver — Terhi Tolvanen & Evert Nijland: Naturae Management: Christian Balmer and Ilona Schwippel Place: viceversa bijoux contemporains (Lausanne, Switzerland) 13-Mar-2010 – 17-Mar-2010 Terhi Tolvanen and Evert Nijland Evert Nijland, Noordzee, necklace glass, linnen, silver, antique iron beads Terhi…

  • Alchimia

    Alchimia Summer Workshop 2010 — Contemporary Jewellery School Florence-Firenze Summer Workshop 2010 — The main focus of this Alchimia summer workshop 2010 will be looking at strategies of how to achieve an honest personal expression, and free oneself from the influential power of the visual sterotype appearance of contemporary jewellery.

  • Katja Prins

    The DNA of contemporary jewellery ___ Katja Prins, object anatorium collection, 2003 glass, sealing wax ___ I don’t know why, but from the beginning the term DNA came into our vocabulary I’m always been interested in everything that surrounds DNA. I collect photographs, books, magazines, TV-programs, movies, documentaries because they inspire me to make contemporary…

  • Installation based on jewellery books

    Sint-Lucas Antwerpen — The chameleon body Nicholas Sinclair — The bachelorstudents of Sint Lucas Antwerpen made an instalation based on the books that were significant for the design and construction of a jewel or object and that formed the startingpoint to give meaning and content to these works.

  • Ruudt Peters-Vera Siemund-Tore Svensson

    Anima collection 2010 — Ruudt Peters Marzee Gallery (NL) — While I have a look at the first pics of the new Anima collection of  Ruudt Peters I’m anxious to visit Marzee Gallery.