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Alchimia Summer Workshop 2010

Contemporary Jewellery School


Summer Workshop 2010

The main focus of this Alchimia summer workshop 2010 will be looking at strategies of how to achieve an honest personal expression, and free oneself from the influential power of the visual sterotype appearance of contemporary jewellery.

Teachters of the Alchimia workshop are David Bielander and Helen Britton

Theme: Authenticity in the age of style surfing

from July 19th to 30th, 2010

Important questions will be:

Why jewellery? What are the sources of your pieces? What happens when these pieces are worn? What happens to you when you wear Jewellery? Strategies involved will include: How to force oneself not to go the easy way. Avoiding peer group pressure. Understanding what jewellery does. Searching for the right materials and applying them to your work. Searching for the right visual information and applying this to your work.

The technical framework on which to work with these ideas will include:

Getting to know the possibilities of the hydraulic press. How to make blanking dies. To experiment with these processes and get them to work together.

Where? Alchimia, Florence, Italy


Timetable: July 19 to 30, Monday thru Friday, h10-13 h14-17, total of 60 hours in 2 weeks

Course fee: Euro 1,450 + 20%tax

Application: Please send enrollment form, curriculum vitae, copy of passport and 2 passport size photos to Alchimia via email, fax or post. Technical preparation in jewellery making is required. Participants will be selected according to their curriculum and will be notified soon after their application has been received.

Application deadline: Applications will be processed in the order that they arrive. Final deadline is May 31st, 2010.

Number of participants: maximum 12

For further information on accommodation, please contact

the Alchimia website

Contemporary Jewellery School