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Collection Gie Luyten & Monique De Ceulaer

Updown – Staircases in Chateau Le Paige

Gie Luyten Monique De Ceulaer UpDown

Gie Luyten & Monique De Ceulaer

brooch, UpDown

silver, laquer, old paper, genetically

manipulated cereals



We offered each other the signs

of our sky-white staircase.

We unravelled an alphabet of steps

out of a spaceless language.

And silent  took red as an interpreter.


Let’s go. We’ve only left

two blackbirds time to make

the jewellery beautiful.


On this last supper we take

each other’s beaker and drink to the silver

of the eternal reconciliation.

However deep the night may be,

no island in it goes astray.

Gie Luyten

jewellery designer ID Gie Luyten

website Gie Luyten

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