Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten

Alchimia jewellery course

Marzia Rossi and Yoko Shimizu at Alchimia


School in Contemporary Jewellery and design

Intensive jewellery course

The intensive course at Alchimia is a good solution for those who have limited time to study and experiment in the area of contemporary jewellery.

The course is taught on a one-to-one basis. Each student is guided individually to ensure that lessons meet their specific need. Two different types of programmes are offered at Alchimia: technical and conceptual.

USERS: beginners, jewellers who want to learn specific techniques, teachers, professionals and students who need a period of full immersion in another entourage and who want to have new stimulating experiences
DURATION: minimum 2 weeks, maximum 3 months
DATE: The course is available throughout the year, beginning on Mondays, excluding the month of August. Interested individuals can contact the school directly to inquire about the availability of specific dates.
TIME TABLE: Monday – Friday, 9.30-13.00/14.00-16.30, 30 hours a week.
TEACHERS: Marzia Rossi, Yoko Shimizu

Alchimia contemporary jewellery