Contemporary jewellery as art, by Gie Luyten


Contemporary jewellery and design versus history and tradition


School of contemporary jewellery and design

Florence, Italy

One of the most innovative schools of contemporary jewellery and design was founded in 1998 in Florence and named Alchimia. This private school was an initiative of Lucia Massei and Doris Maninger. Every year it’s a fascinating discovery to find out that the students reached or crossed the borders of jewellery design.

Some selected key words I can give to this school are: innovation, quality, craftsmanship, history, tradition and maybe the most important of all: fantasy. The most important advantage of this private school are the different possibilities in education, with short and long courses, that result every year in new ideas and thoughts.

Alchimia, a name chosen for its symbolism – the antique discipline between science and philosophy, the transformation of the “worthless” into the “highest quality” by intent, craftsmanship, fantasy and enthusiasm.

Alchimia, the melting together of different substances which amalgamate by adding energy and produce new materials, new ways, new thoughts.

Alchimia, transmitting fluidity and transparency as a means of creative development. Providing a path which allows each individual to be nurtured by all that surrounds it.

Alchimia, a starting point for innovation as well as a preserver of traditional goldsmithing techniques. Tradition and innovation; two subjects that appear paradoxical but instead complement each other. It is our belief that true innovation can only be realized through a true understanding of history and tradition.


3 Year Jewellery Program

3 Year Jewellery Program is the combination of the three courses:

Basic Jewellery 1 – first year

Advanced Jewellery 2 – second year

Jewellery Specialization 3 – third year

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